Great success at the Imperial Meeting 2014 in Bisley UK: PGM Precision with LOTHAR WALTHER - Barrels Cal. 6XC and 7mmRSAUM.
100METERCREW Game Oirlo 29.06.2014
Mr. Karel Prakken shot with his BSA PCP - airgun rifle, mounted with a  LOTHAR WALTHER - Barrel Kal. 22 this dispersion pattern with 11mm CTC (5 shots group).
Shooting accuracy of Cal. 6,5x55
This dispersion pattern was shot by a client of company Laskowski/Poland with a LOTHAR WALTHER barrel cal. 6,5x55: 20 shots 200 scores, distance 300 m, loading 139 grs Lapua Scenar.
Success with LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. 7mm WSM
Mr. Rudolf Eckbauer achieved very good results with his Gol Sniper (company Prechtl/Birkenau) with a LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. 7mmWSM, length 32":
July 2013 Bisley (GB) Imperial Meeting F-Class, 1000 Yards, St.George's final, 1. place.
September 2013 Alsfeld German Championship ZG2, 1. place with German record score of 116. 
Novembre 2013 Bisley (GB) European Championship F-Class, 1000 Yards, 2. place.
Shooting accuracy distance 600 metres
Olivier Hannon from Belgium achieved this dispersion pattern in August 2013, 5 shots, distance 600 m, with his Rem 700 with LOTHAR WALTHER-Match barrel cal. .308 Win. and Lapua Scenar 167 grs. factory ammunitions.
Shooting accuracy of cal. 6,5x55 SE
Erwin Peumans from Finland did 3 shots with his LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. 6,5x55 SE in July 2013 and achieved this dispersion pattern. Barrel length 610 mm, twist 8". (120 grs V-Max Hornady, 46 grs of Vithavuori N160).
Baden-Württemberg BDMP Championship 2013
At the Baden-Württemberg Championship in Philippsburg from 29.-30.06.2013, Gottfried Prechtl won both the individual and the team score (team SLG Gol-Sniper) in the categories scoped rifle 2 and 3, distance 300m!
He shot with LOTHAR WALTHER-barrels cal. 6mmPPC and 6,5x47Lapua: category scoped rifle 2 with factory cartridges and category scoped rifle 3 with wild cat cartridges. 
Shooting accuracy of cal. 6mm Norma BR
This dispersion pattern was shot by Reinhard Holzner in March 2013 with a LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. 6mm Norma BR (Jagd Hammer Passau): 5 shots, distance 100 m, cartridge 60 grs Sierra HP, loading 27,5 grs R 902. 
Shooting accuracy distance 1000 metres

Franz Dorfner from Vienna achieved this dispersion pattern in October 2012, radius 82 mm, 5 shots, distance 1000 m, with his Fortmeier-gun Take Down M 2002 with LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. 408 Chey Tac (barrel length 900 m), cartridge Mayerl Styria homogen copper .408-400 grs.

Shooting accuracy of cal. .308 Win.
Zanardini achieved this dispersion pattern (5 shots within the diameter of a 1-Euro-coin), distance 300 metres, with a LOTHAR WALTHER -match barrrel cal. .308 Win (stainless steel). The loading was standard, Sierra 168grs.
Shooting accuracy of cal. 260 Rem.
Franz Müller achieved this dispersion pattern, distance 100 and 200 metres, with a LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. 260 Rem. The loading was Lapua Scenar 123 grs.
Shooting accuracy of cal. 6 mm PPC
This dispersion pattern was shot by Manfred Schmitt on 28.08.2011 with a LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. 6 mm PPC: 5 shots, distance 100 m, dispersion radius 2,5 mm. There is placed a 1-cent coin beside the shots for comparison.
Shooting accuracy of cal. .300 WSM
Manfred Schmitt achieved the adjoining dispersion pattern (10 shots, 26mm/19mm, distance 300 metres, 24-fold scope) in Philippsburg on 22.03.2011 with a LOTHAR WALTHER-barrel cal. .300 WSM.
Shooting accuracy of cal. 6XC, F-Class
Armel Papezyk won the gold medal of the 600 yards F-Class open competition at the 141th Imperial meeting in BISLEY- U.K. 2010 with a LOTHAR WALTHER barrel cal. 6XC in a PGM Ultima Ratio.
Shooting accuracy of cal. .30-06 / Sako 75

After a change from the original barrel to a LOTHAR WALTHER barrel cal. .30-06, the following dispersion pattern was shot by using self-loaded cartridge Hornady SST 165grs (5 shots, distance 100 m).

Frank Kleff
September 2010

Shooting accuracy of cal. 6,5x284
Siegfried Feldmeier achieved 118 of 120 rings (10 shots) with a LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel cal. 6,5x284 at the German Championship of the BDMP / Sept. 2008 in the category "scoped rifle", distance 300 metres.
Shooting accuracy of cal. 6mmBR
At the Deutschland-Cup of the BDMP in June 2008, Siegfried Feldmeier established a new record in the category "scoped rifles", distance 300 metres by shooting 120 rings with 10 shots with a LOTHAR WALTHER - barrel cal. 6mmBR.