Barrel Materials
The materials used at Lothar Walther fall into two categories. The normal steel barrels, those which require bluing are made from LW19, a chrome-molybdenum type steel. The stainless steels, which do not require bluing are LW6, which is used mainly for .22l.r. and similar cartridges and LW50 which is used for centerfire cartridges. This last material was developed in 1994-95 as a safe alternative to 416R and to solve durability problems associated with 416R. LW50 can be used in all calibers and all contours. 
The only thing which has not changed much in all these eighty years is the basic process. A bar of steel has to be cut, drilled, reamed, rifled, turned and lapped.  In some cases the order has changed. In all cases, the processes have been refined.
Today, what has changed is how each operation is done. Computers oversee everything. Skilled and trained operators monitor everything. Yet, where necessary, hand craftsmanship can be employed to create a special product. The outcome of this technological advancement is that quality is ultra high yet pricing is reasonable.