Rifle Barrel Blanks
The production of barrel blanks at Lothar Walther is accomplished in state of the art facilities. Our rifle barrels are produced using button rifling. We were the first to use this method and it has been in use since 1925. Our materials are specifically engineered to be used in our process. Our Normal Steel, what every one calls "Chrome-Moly" is a special alloy which is very fine grained. It will perform in all situations and will generate phenomenal accuracy. Our Stainless Steel is of a very special type which will give longer barrel life and can be used in all contours. It far exceeds the capabilities of 416R. We manufacture calibers which range from 17 caliber to 600 caliber. Most calibers are stocked in both normal steel and our stainless steel. The charts below give our standard stock barrel blanks. Even with this large selection, there are still many types of barrels which are not shown. There are straight octagon barrels in some calibers. Black powder barrels are available. If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call, we may have something special hidden away just for you.

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